Dan Newling

I am a corporate communications expert who specialises in improving the public profiles of professional service firms. I help busy professionals communicate messages which will win new clients, leaving them to focus on their day jobs.

Prior to doing this I spent 15 years writing – and making documentary films – for some of the world’s most respected news organisations. I won (and lost) a few awards in the process. Now I put my journalistic skills to use winning positive coverage for my clients in the media that matter.

I specialise in helping my clients improve their public profiles in ways win them new business while adhering to their unique values.

The primary way I do this is with the written word.

I believe that the written word, when used correctly, is the most effective means by which my clients can can communicate what they do to the people they want to reach.

What this means, in practice, is that I don’t hold much faith in television adverts, social media influencers, activation events or branded stationary. These may work or some clients, in specific situations, but they’re not my specialism.

What does work – and which I can help with – is:

  • Strategic, pro-active PR campaigns designed to further specific business ambitions.
  • Mutually-beneficial personal engagement with journalists and publishers who matter.
  • Interesting and original expert commentary on relevant current events.
  • Well-written and insightful ‘thought leadership’ articles published in influential publications.
  • An engaging, professional and SEO-optimised online / social media presence.

Improving a firm or an individual’s public profile using the above techniques need not be time consuming nor expensive. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you think you or your organisation would benefit from knowing more.