Dan Newling

Prior to moving into PR I worked as newspaper journalist and documentary producer.

I spent eight years as a staff reporter on the Daily Mail, followed by five years as a freelance foreign correspondent based in Cape Town, from where I wrote for just about all the Fleet Street papers, but mainly the Times, Mail titles and the Guardian. My final three years in journalism were spent making investigative documentary films for BBC Panorama, BBC Newsnight and BBC 2.

Of all my journalistic work, I am most proud of my book, “Bitter Dawn: a search for the truth about the murder of Anni Dewani”, which was published by Jonathan Ball in November 2014.

Billed as “a gripping work of investigative journalism which reveals some worrying truths, not only about a bloody murder, but about its investigation, South African politics, [and] global media ethics” the book told the full truth about a crime which, at the time of its publication, a man was being tried in a Cape Town courtroom.

The result of almost four years’ research, it is available to buy as a physical book here, as an e-book here, or in the British Library here.