Dan Newling

Being recognised by the established media is no longer the only metric of a firm’s brand building success. ‘Owned’ digital media such a firm’s website, or its social media properties, can be just as significant.

I work alongside tech experts to provide professional service clients with a complete digital media solution. My services include:

  • Creating the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategies that elevate clients’ websites to the top slot on Google for defined key phrases.
  • Writing the blogs and other digital content that will bring in new business enquiries (and can be measured doing so).
  • Conducting the SEO and technical audits necessary to properly measure and manage digital strategy success.
  • Managing clients’ social media channels in a way that enhances reputation and brings defined business benefits.

The days have passed when a professional service firm’s website was a mysterious (and neglected) ‘black box’ that could only be handled by computer nerds. As digital marketing has become more important to professional services firms, so the technical ability required to do it well have decreased.

While technical knowledge remains important, far more significant is the ability to create fascinating, valuable, and strategically aligned, digital content that people – and therefore Google – want to read. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch for concrete examples of how I have achieved this.